Los Pocha Nostra projects del año

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First, we want to celebrate publicly the two first Pocha projects of the year – a kick-ass co/laboratorio with the radical Estonian performance group Non-Grata and the amazing Lima Winter School at El Galpón Espacio Cultural. In both places we have found new accomplices and like-minded wild organizations willing and able to continue long-term projects with LPN. Ajua!!!

We also want to update you regarding current membership in La Pocha Nostra: For the past year, the core members of La Pocha Nostra have been Gómez-Peña, Saul Garcia López, Emma Tramposch, Michele Ceballos Michot, Dani D’Emilia, Daniel B Chavez and Nayla Altamirano.

Over a year ago, Roberto Sifuentes and Erica Mott chose to pursue their individual artwork and careers. This clarification is necessary. Out of respect to the current active members of the troupe, we believe it is important to distinguish who are the present members of La Pocha Nostra for both curators and our larger international community.

We also wish to proudly announce the recent inclusion of poet and performance artist Balitrónica (aka The Phantom Mariachi) as a full time Pocha Nostra member. After 2 years of touring with us, it’s time we formally embrace this amazing artist and colleague as a full member. To see more of Balitrónica’s work please visit:

In other news:

La Pocha Nostra has recently premiered new performance works, including duets, trios and full troupe projects. We are also currently refurbishing our popular photo blogs, and are also preparing two book manuscripts. More detailed information to come in our upcoming Cybercommuniques and Facebook posts. Please also check out LPN’s online progamming calendar for updates on our 2016 upcoming tours and projects in the works.